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Parallel to filmmaking and photography, music and travelling are the other two passions that have been occupying most of my free time.

Here you can find a bit of my experiences in those spheres.


I've been playing guitar since I'm 9 and playing in bands since my early teenage days. I'm a singer, guitarrist and bass player, and occasionally pianist and drummer.

So far I've been lucky enough to have played and collaborated with Portuguese artists such as Papillon, Slow J, DJ Ride, Charlie Beats or DOMI, and recently released my own project, UAU, OK.

You can check out some of it below.


I love travelling. I've visited over 30 countries since I took my first flight at the age of 6 months to visit my grandparents living in Italy, and I've collected magical moments and experiences from these adventures. Here's a list of some of them.

- Shot a documentary at the heart of China

- Crossed a significant part of the Himalayas on a bus through extremely dangerous roads during monsoon season on the way to Mustang, Nepal

- Ate grasshoppers in Mexico

- Ridden an open van in Honduras

- Brought a chameleon from Morocco

- Finished Milan Kundera's novel "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" in a small boat at the backwaters in Kerala, India

- Saw lava slowling moving down an active vulcano in Guatemala

- Swam with sharks in Sri Lanka

- Got caught up in the rain in Paris

- Swam naked in the sea of Iceland

- Wild camped in the Arctic

- Saw the Aurora Borealis in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

- Crossed Sweden all the way from Lapland till Stockholm in the Arctic Circle Train

- Tryed the scariest attractions at the Tivoli in Denmark

- Visited CBGB right before it turned into some soulless abomination in NYC, USA

- Got lost at the carnival in Cologne, Germany

- Jumped into an extremely cold river in my underwear in Slovakia

- Had a sleepless night at a small train station in Switzerland after one person I was traveling with lost the train pass (Interrail/Eurail) on an improvised route forced by railway accidents

- Survived ridding bikes in Amsterdam

- Wasted a visit to Hungary for having to work almost every night stuck inside a room in Budapest

- Rented a small boat in Croatia to visit the islands

- Camped under severe rain at Soča Valley, in Slovenia

- Tryed a lot of Belgium's delicious beers while in Brussels

- Crossed entire Spain on a bus because all the trains to leave Portugal were full for days and days

- Slept in a house in Ireland that one can only reach by car when the sea tide is low

- For some reason tryied not to drink any coffee while being in London and managed to come back alive somehow

- Visited the very beginning of Siberia during Winter as a film of mine was selected for a film festival in Russia

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